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3&5 Layer EVOH PEX/PB/PERT Oxygen Barrier Pipe

Technical Parameters
DIN 4726 Test
Provide condition 40°C
Humidity of outer space -65% inner space- 100%,
Pipe size OD20mm
Average thickness of EVOH layer 188μ M
DIN standard <0.1g/m³/day
Palconn pipe texting result = 0.003g/m³/day

Potable water
Floor heating
Solar energy
Radiant heating

3 x 5 layer EVOH - PEX / PERT/ PB Oxygen Barrier Pipe
Palconn EVOH pipes feature a 3 x 5 layer PEX/PERT/PB oxygen barrier pipe.
The EVOH layer can effectively prevent oxygen from entering the pipe system, thus protecting pipe components from corrosion by suppressing bacteria and algae growth inside the pipe, leaving water clean and fresh.

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