PEX-A Pipe

Technical Parameters
Pressure PN1.25MPA PN1.6MPA PN 2.0MPA Palconn Code
Size (mm) 16*1.8 16*1.8 16*2.2 PAP-04-16
20*1.9 20*2.3 20*2.8 PAP-04-20
25*2.3 25*2.8 25*3.5 PAP-04-25
32*2.9 32*3.6 32*4.4 PAP-04-32

Potable water
Floor heating
Solar energy
Radiant heating

Manufactured using peroxide cross linked polyethylene, Palconn's PEX-A pipes feature an improved polyethylene performance without sacrificing the properties of thermoplastics. Featuring an outstanding corrosion resistance, increased flexibility and a high strength, the PEX-A pipe is quick and easy to install.

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