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Polybutylene PB Pipe System

Applications of polybutylene PB pipe system
Polybutene pipe systems are commonly used for radiator connections, cold and hot water supplies, floor heating, air conditioning, and other industrial piping applications. Palconn polybutene (PB) pipes use PB supplied by Dutch company Basell and Mitsuichemicals from Japan. The pipes are produced using special PB extrusion equipment from German Battenfeld for consistent quality and performance.

Performance indexes of polybutylene (PB) pipe
Item Requirements Experimental parameters
Longitudinal reversion ≤2% temperature

8mm en>16mm Experimental time

The thermal stability of hydrostatic condition No rupture
no leakage
Hydrostatic stress 2.4MPa
Experimental temperature 110℃
Experimental time 8760h
Sample amount 1
melt mass-flow rate(MFR) The difference between the measured value of raw materials should not exceed 0.3g/min mass 5Kg
Experimental temperature 190℃

Product features
1. PB pipe has excellent temperature resistance, as it can be used for extended periods at 95 ℃, with a maximum temperature of 110 ℃.

2. Strong chemical stability: during the testing of our PB pipe, the material is exposed to oxygen flow at 220 ℃. The oxidation induction time (OIT) of PB pipe is 35.78 minutes.

3. The bending elasticity coefficient of PB pipe is minimal. It can be easily bent without excessive external force, and can be rotated 360 degrees; the pipe will not crack above -20 ℃.

4. The pipe wall is thin and smooth, the inner diameter of the pipe is large, allowing for a fast, smooth flow.

5. The PB pipe can be used continuously for up to 50 years under a constant water temperature of 70℃ and pressure of 10 bar.

6. The creep elongation is minimal and the thermal flexibility is good, which is conducive to pipeline connection and installation.

7. PB pipe has strong ultraviolet resistance, and it can prevent algae growth.

8. The connection method of PB pipe is flexible, it can be reliably connected and combined with similar connection materials.

9. PB pipe is lightweight for simple handling and installation.

10. PB is odorless and non-toxic.

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