The PERT-AL- PERT composite pipe is a composite pipe with a 5 layer construction. The layers are made of PERT and tightly bonded using a melt adhesive to the mid-layer aluminum core. The core is then welded lengthwise in a butt welded or overlap welded method, making this pipe an ideal blend of metal and plastic.

Overlapped Welding
Size(mm) Palconn Code
1216 PAP-OW16
1620 PAP-OW20
2026 PAP-OW26
2632 PAP-OW32
Butt Welding
Size(mm) Palconn Code
1216 PAP-BW16
1620 PAP-BW20
2026 PAP-BW26
2632 PAP-BW32
Technical Parameters
Heat Conduction Coefficient 0.45W/(m.K)
Expansion Coefficient 2.5x10-5(m.k)
Bend Radius >=5D
Working temperature -40-+95°C
Working Pressure 1.25MPA
Blasting strength 5.5~8Mpa
Penstock radial tension 2300~3270N

Application of PERT-AL-PERT Pipe
1. Cold and hot water distribution.
2. Solar system, air-conditioning and refrigeration system
3. Underfloor heating PEX systems
4. Medical, food, and chemical industry PEX pipe systems
5. Gas and air distribution

1. Excellent flexibility
2. No salt deposits on the inner surface
3. Electrolysis free
4. Small thermal expansion
5. Resistance to adverse conditions such as a high temperature or high pressure
6. Wide dimensional range
7. Easy connection to various plastic pipe connection systems
8. Guaranteed quality and performance
9. 100% oxygen barrier existence

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