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Underfloor & Radiant Heating Pipe

    1. 3&5 Layer EVOH PEX/PB/PERT Oxygen Barrier PipeThe EVOH layer can effectively prevent oxygen from entering the pipe system, thus protecting pipe components from corrosion by suppressing bacteria and algae growth inside the pipe, leaving water clean and fresh.
    1. PEX-B PipeManufactured with a silane crosslinked polyethylene, Palconn's PEX-B pipes feature an enhanced polyethylene performance without losing the characteristics of thermoplastic pipes.
    1. PEX-A PipeManufactured using peroxide cross linked polyethylene, Palconn’s PEX-A pipes feature an improved polyethylene performance without sacrificing the properties of thermoplastics. Featuring an outstanding corrosion resistance, increased flexibility and a high strength, the PEX-A pipe is quick and easy to install.
    1. PERT PipeThe Palconnn PE-RT (temperature resistance polyethylene) pipes and tubes are produced using DOWLEX*2388 American technology, as well as DX-800 technology from the Korean company SK Chemicals Co. They are known for their high temperature resistance, due to the inner special molecular structure.
    1. PB Pipe & Push-Fit FittingsPalconn's PB pipes and push fit fittinsg are made of a polybutylene material. This ensures each product features a high corrosion and chemical resistance, making them ideal for use in interior and exterior pipe installation projects. Raw materials for the PB pipes also include a Basel PB raw material.
    1. PERT-AL-PERT PipeThe PERT-AL- PERT composite pipe is a composite pipe with a 5 layer construction. The layers are made of PERT and tightly bonded using a melt adhesive to the mid-layer aluminum core.
    1. PEX-AL-PEX PipeExcellent heat preservation, and a heat conduction coefficient of 0.45W/m.k, which is less than traditional metal pipes, which means less insulation materials need to be used on the exterior of the pipe.

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