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PP Pipe and Fittings

Applications of PP pipe and fittings
PP pipe and fittings use polypropylene as the main raw material, and add a number of special sound absorption materials to create mute pipes. These pipes feature a number of advantages to reduce noise and hot water emissions, as well as improve chemical resistance, leading to their widespread usage in Europe and North America as pipes in residential buildings.

Technical Parameters of PP Super Soundproof Drainage Pipes & Fittings
Size(mm) Outside diameter x wall thickness PALCONN Code Color
50*3.2 PAL-PP50 Blue/White
75*3.8 PAL-PP75 Blue/White
110*4.5 PAL-PP110 Blue/White
160*5.0 PAL-PP160 Blue/White

Product features
1. Superior sound insulation: PP pipe and fittings absorb wave energy through the special molecular structure of high density materials, ensuring a significantly better sound dampening performance over other pipes. According to state inspection requirements, typical drainage noise levels are as low as 45 decibels.

2. Excellent chemical resistance: the acid resistance of the inner layer of the pipe reaches a pH of 2 and an alkali resistance to a pH of 12, allowing it to discharge liquid that rates between those two levels (pH2 to pH12).

3. Excellent resistance to high temperature: PP pipe and fittings can tolerate water as hot as 95℃.

4. Good impact resistance: The hard outer layer not only protects the middle structure, but also gives the pipe an excellent impact resistance.

5. Advanced flexible connection: the disassembly and assembly is easy and not limited by the installation environment, which in turn reduces installation costs. The water tightness and self-regulating performance are also great, with no need for an expansion joint. This saves usage of pipe fittings, while still avoiding the sound of water flowing through the pipe.

6. Strong environmental protection: non-toxic products can avoid environmental pollution.

The noise reduction effect is achieved as follows:
Change the microstructure of the pipe, increase the density and thickness of the pipe, and add special sound-absorbing material.

Noise Comparison between Pipes
Pipe Name (110 pipe) PVC-U Cast Iron Pipe Super soundproof pipe
Material PVC Cast iron Special sound absorbing material
Density(g/ cm²) 1.4 7.8 1.3-1.9
Pipe thickness(mm) 3.2 5.5 4.5
Noise level(Db) 37 25 17

PP pipe and fittings are a drainage pipe variety that uses international, advanced technology as well as advanced silencing technology. PP pipes and fittings feature a silent performance, excellent chemical and heat resistance, as well as reaches international standards for performance and safety. Known as a mute pipe, its noise levels during drainage are lower than that of PVC pipes and cast iron pipes. Its main materials include PP and barium sulfate, both of which are environmentally friendly with no chlorine ions in the raw material, thus ensuring no toxic gas is emitted at any point in usage.

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