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PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe

Applications of PVC electrical conduit pipe
PVC electrical conduit pipe is used in electric power, telecommunication line sheaths, construction industry embedment, in walls, as buried cables and more.

Product specification
Executive standard JG3050-1998 unit: mm
nominal outside diameter Allowable deviation of average external diameter Minimum inner diameter Minimum wall thickness length
16 -0.3 Light, medium and heavy duty 12.2 1.0 4meters
20 -0.3 Light, medium and heavy duty 15.8 1.1
25 -0.4 Light, medium and heavy duty 20.6 1.3
32 -0.4 Light, medium and heavy duty 26.6 1.5
40 -0.4 Light and heavy duty 34.4 1.9

Product features
1. Compression: when the wall thickness of PVC electrical conduit pipe exceeds 1.6mm, it can withstand pressure of 750N, so that it can be installed in an unfolding or laying manner to prevent pressing damage.

2. Punching and heat resistance: PVC electrical conduit pipes will not break when subjected to normal tamping impacts during concrete pouring, and in normal construction purposes, the pipes will not melt from heat trapped in the concrete.

3. Moisture and acid alkali resistance: PVC electrical conduit pipe is moisture and acid/alkali resistant, meaning it will not rust and each connection remains tight due to the excellent PVC adhesive material used. This method avoids water and moisture getting into the pipe, thus giving it a great moisture resistance. This allows for its usage in corrosive environments.

4. Flame retardant and fire prevention: PVC electrical conduit pipe will eventually self-extinguish itself (usually within 30 seconds) after being removed from an open flame source. This also aids in preventing a larger fire spread along the pipeline.

5. Good insulation: PVC electrical conduit pipes are known for their excellent insulation performance. In a submerged environment, it can be subject to AC2000 volts and 500Hz without breaking down.

6. Convenient for construction: PVC electrical conduit pipes shorter than 32mm can be cut easily. When inserting the corresponding spring into the electrical conduit pipe, the spring can be bent into the required angle at room temperature. Users should then apply PVC adhesive quickly and easily to connect the wiring to the pipe system.

Product introduction
PVC-U building electrical conduit pipe uses PVC-U resin as the main raw material, and adds different stabilizers, antioxidants, anti-impact agents and other additives in an extrusion or mold processing different types of rigid PVC piping.

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