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    1. Anti-UV PEX PipeApplication of Anti-UV PEX Pipe: Potable water, Floor heating, Solar energy, Radiant heating.
    1. PPR PipeThe thermos fusion connections on the plastic pipe are the result of the welding of two parts made of homogenous materials.
    1. PPR FittingsPAF-PPR01: S20, S25, S32
      PAF-PPR02: S25×20, S32×20, S32×25
    1. FR-PPR PipePalconn FR-PPR high powered composite pipes consist of 3 layers, with a middle layer comprised of imported fiberglass in order to strengthen the material. The inner and outer layers utilize imported raw materials.
    1. HDPE Water PipeThe high density polyethylene water/drainage supply pipe (HDPE water/drainage supply pipe? Is made from high density polyethylene as the main raw material, with the addition of a small number of antioxidants, UV resistance absorbers and pigments.
    1. PP Compresstion FittingsDrip irrigation pipes save water and fertilizers, improving the efficiency of irrigation and reducing plant costs.
      The tape controls the earth temperature and humidity, preventing the ground around the system from hardening.

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