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Nano PPR Composite Pipe System

Applications of nano PPR composite pipe system
NFβPP-R (H) is formed by organic βPP-R (H) materials with inorganic nano materials in the molecular bonds for assembly bonding, this way can achieve enhanced toughness, high temperature resistance, creep resistance and lower linear expansion. This pipe is produced using compound materials from modified PP materials and tensile fiber materials. The pipe enhances its use in high temperatures, and overcomes the defects of plastic pipe in high temperature creep of short service life, low thermal deformation temperature, the size of unstable defects. NF β PP - R (H) pipe is a very ideal piping system in heating, air conditioning, heating, water supply and other fields.

The most suitable range of NF β PP-R
The main heating pipe system (≤ 95 ℃)
The high temperature heating pipe system (indoor, outdoor, horizontal pipe, vertical pipe) (≤ 95 ℃)
The central air conditioning pipe system (≤ 60 ℃)
Solar energy pipe system (≤ 95 ℃)
Central heating pipe system

Parameters of Nano PPR Composite Pipe System
1. Enhanced design strength: under the use condition of 70℃ /50, the strength can reach to 5.0Mpa, which is 50% higher than the strength of 3.2Mpa of PP-R that under the same conditions.

2. According to DVGW (German gas and drinking water association) W544 standard, in the design requirements of 70 ℃ /50 years, safety factor Sf = 1.5, you can use the pipe S4 to take the place ofof S3.2, S3.2 to take the place of of S2.2.

3. More water flow and higher pipe pressure can be achieved.

4. The hot water βPPR composite pipe system adopts the optimizing additive system to ensure the excellent oxidation resistance of the pipeline.

5. The material properties of β PP-R greatly exceed the requirements of ENISO15874, 9080 and DDIN8078 for raw materials.

6. The high temperature resistance is increased by 25 ℃, and the highest use temperature is 95 ℃(PP-R is 70℃).

7. The high temperature resistance pressure is increased by 4Kg, under temperature of 90/70 ℃ the hot water βPPR composite pipe system can withstand pressure of 10Kg (PP-R is under the condition of 80/60℃ withstand pressure of 6Kg ).

8. The service life is increased by 40 years, the average water temperature is 90 ℃, and it can be used for 50 years under the pressure of 10Kg (PP-R is 10 years under the pressure of 6Kg ).

9. The room temperature toughness is increased by 4 times, the impact strength is 25KJ/M2 (PP-R is 5 KJ/M2).

10. The performance of low temperature resistant is improved, it won't break under the condition of -15 ℃(PP-R is 0℃).

Features of Nano PPR Composite Pipe System
1. High temperature resistance: meet the high temperature heating (95/70℃) design and use requirements, to fill the domestic high temperature plastic pipe blank.

2. High pressure resistance: meet the high-rise building 10Kg design and use requirements, to fill the domestic plastic pipe high temperature resistance to the blank.

3. Long life: to meet the requirements of China's Construction Law for 50 years, fill the gaps in the domestic plastic pipe.

4. Economical: because of better pressure resistance, wider pipeline application is achieved; accordingly the pipe wall thickness can be reduced, 13% materials can be reduced.

5. Energy saving:
(1) Because the crystal structure of beta PP-R is bundle type, the structure is loose, the heat conductivity is poor, the heat insulation is good, and the heat loss of pipeline circulating system is reduced.

(2) Due to the addition of inorganic (nano) material toughening agent in NF beta PP-R material, some organic materials are saved, and part of the energy is saved.

NF β PP-R is a new type of hot and cold water pipe, it is produced by Weifang Palconn Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. with the proprietary technology in accordance with ISO international standards. The pipe in addition to its physical properties (high temperature, creep resistance, long life) and applicability are better than PP-R, PE-RT, aluminum-plastic PP-R, steady-state PP-R and other pipe types. Its design, installation, acceptance is in full compliance with the existing national plastic pipe specifications. It is PP-R upgrade products, but also the best replacement products of PE-RT, aluminum, steady-state composite pipe and other pipes. This pipe can be made into straight pipe or coil pipe; both can be used in either exposed or concealed installation; it can be used for new construction and renovation projects.

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