PEX-AL-PEX Solar Pipe

Overlapped Welding
Size(mm) Palconn Code
1216 PAP-OW16
1620 PAP-OW20
2026 PAP-OW26
2632 PAP-OW32
Butt Welding
Size(mm) Palconn Code
1216 PAP-BW16
1620 PAP-BW20
2026 PAP-BW26
2632 PAP-BW32
Technical Parameters
Heat Conduction Coefficient 0.45W/(m.K)
Expansion Coefficient 2.5x10-5(m.k)
Bend Radius >=5D
Working temperature -40-+95°C
Working Pressure 1.25MPA
Oxygen Diffusion 0mg/1.d
Burst Pressure >=4.0-7 MPA
Tensile Resistance >2100-2650N

Application of PEX-AL-PEX Solar Pipe
1. Compared to a traditional metal pipe, the composite pipe has the same strength and easy bendability.
2. Outstanding properties in regards to a high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance.
3. The smooth inner surface decreases the resistance to fluids. This offers the pipe a 30% more efficient ability to conduct water.
4. Outstanding heat preservation: the heat conduction coefficient is 0.45W/m.k, which is less than a traditional metal pipe, and saves on the need for insulation materials outside of the pipe.
5. Easy to cut and install
6. The service life of the composite solar pipes is more than 50 years.

The PEX-AL-PEX solar pipe is a composite pipe of 5 layers. The inner and outer layers are made of a cross-linked (PEX) that has been tightly bonded with a melt adhesive to the middle layer aluminum core. That core is welded lengthwise in either a butt welding or overlap welding method, making this pipe an ideal choice and combination of metal and plastic.

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