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βPPR Composite Pipe System

    1. Hot Water βPPR Composite Pipe SystemNF βPP-R (H) pipe is ideally used in the pipeline systems for heating, air conditioning, heat supply, water supply and many other fields. After many repeated experiments, we have verified the temperature insulation performance of NF β PP-R and it is excellent. The material reduces heat loss during transmission for economic and energy saving performance.
    1. Nano PPR Composite Pipe SystemNFβPP-R (H) is formed by organic βPP-R (H) materials with inorganic nano materials in the molecular bonds for assembly bonding, this way can achieve enhanced toughness, high temperature resistance, creep resistance and lower linear expansion. This pipe is produced using compound materials from modified PP materials and tensile fiber materials.

The most suitable applications of NF β PP-R pipe are main heating pipe systems, high temperature heating pipe systems, central air conditioning pipe systems, solar energy pipe systems and the central heating pipe systems. These pipes are made from a high quality material that is durable and efficient for the transportation of water and other liquid materials.