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PE-AL-PE Gas Pipe

Specification Inner Dia. Outer Dia. Palconn Code
1216 12mm 16mm PAL-1601
1620 16mm 20mm PAL-2002
2025 20mm 25mm PAL-2503
2532 25mm 32mm PAL-3204
Technical Parameters
No Item Index
1 Long term hydrostatic strength, MPA(20℃ 50years,95%) >8.0
2 Short Term Hydrostatic Strength MPA 20℃ 9.0
Ductile Failsure Time(h)>100
80℃ 4.6
Brittle Failure Time(h)>165
Failure Time(h)>100
3 Thermal Stability(200℃)min >20
4 Stress Cracking Resistance, h(80℃,4.0MPA) >1000
5 Compression Recovery(80℃,4.0MPA) >170
6 Longitudinal Reversion,110℃% < 3
7 Elongation at Break,% >350

Hot water and cold water pipe for production
Coal gas and natural gas pipe
Pipe used for solar energy water heater
Drinking water within a certain district, pipe used for reclaimed water project
Industrial pipes used for oil transportation and cooling fluid
Tubes used in beverage factory for edible fluid

The PE-AL-PE gas pipe uses polyethylene as an insert material. With the exception of a few strong oxidizing agents, it is resistant to numerous chemicals, electrochemical resistance, and needs no outer coating for a corrosion resistance. These pipes feature an outstanding resistance to leaks, are strong, and flexible, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications.

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