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Heat Resistant PE-RT Pipe Fittings

Heat resistant PE-RT pipe fittings are applied in the following fields:
● Ground heating system: suitable for heating residential homes, public bathrooms, swimming pools, daycares, nursing homes and other indoor locations

● Cold and hot water supply in buildings, pipe drinking water systems.

● Food beverage, liquor, milk and other fluid transmission pipeline in food industry.

Performance index of heat resistant PE-RT pipe fittings
item Experimental ring stress/Mpa Experimental temperature/℃ Test time/h
Longitudinal reversion - 110 en≤8mm <3%
Hydrostatic test 10.00 20 1
3.55 95 165
3.50 95 1000
The thermal stability of hydrostatic state 1.90 110 8760 No fracture and no penetration
the melt mass flow rate, MFR(190℃, 2.16kg)g/min

Features of heat resistant PE-RT pipe fittings
1. Excellent thermal stability and long term pressure resistant performance

It can be used in heating and hot water system (up to 95℃) for 50 years.

2. Flexible and easy to construct
During installation, the pipes can be rolled and bent, with a small bending radius (R minimum =5D) with no rebound. The stress in the bending part can be released very quickly, so that stress on the pipe is avoided and non-existent at the bend due to the even stress concentration through the rest of the pipe. During low temperature installation, there is no need to reheat the pipe making installation easy with a lower cost.

3. Good impact resistance and high safety
The ability to resist external impact is excellent, and any damage caused by rough construction is avoided. The pipe can resist brittle cracking at temperatures as low as -70 ℃, and it can be transported and constructed in low temperature environments.

4. It can be hot melt connected, easy for installation and maintenance
In floor radiant heating projects, if the pipeline system is destroyed by external force, the pipeline can be repaired using a hot melt method, which is convenient, fast and safe without replacing the whole heating pipe. The installation cost and maintenance cost are low, and the cost performance is high.

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