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NBR Insulation Pipe

1. Thickness: 6mm to 32mm
2. Inner diameter: 6mm to 108mm.
3. Raw material: Nitrile Rubber, PVC, pigment, etc.
4. Producing: Mixing material, extruding and foam
5. Temperature endure -60~110 ℃

Technical Parameters of NBR Insulation Pipe
Material Foam nitrile rubber
Max. Surface Temperature Max.Temperature for Flat Surface Min. Surface Temperature +105 +85 -50
Density (KG/m³) 60~80
Classification Smoke ≤75
Compress Resilience Compress 50% for 72h, Retract ≥70%
Thermal Conductivity at 0 Thermal Conductivity at +20 Thermal Conductivity at +40 0.034w/(m.k) 0.036w/(m.k) 0.038w/(m.k)
Oxygen Index >34%
Reaction to Fire Self-exitingushing, does not drip

Application of NBR Insulation Pipe
1. Building industry (shell of large tanks and piping in construction projects)
2. Pipe insulation
3. Air conditioning units
4. Sound insulation/absorption system
5. Sports protection equipment, cushions, diving suits
6. Cold/hot medium piping and containers

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