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PEX Pipe System

Application fields of PEX pipe system
● Floor radiant heating pipes:
Civil buildings: residential apartments, villas;
public buildings: school baths, shopping malls, exhibition halls, theaters, office buildings, libraries
Sports facilities: gym swimming pool; forestry and
Fisheries: botanical garden pond planting greenhouse

● Central air conditioning, ordinary air conditioning, solar water heater hot and cold water delivery piping

● Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and food processing industries and other fluid transmission pipelines

● Refrigeration system and water treatment system pipeline

● The cold and hot water pipeline for tap water and purified water in buildings

Index of PEX pipe system
Nominal outside diameter(mm) Mean od deviation(mm) S5 S4
Nominal Wall Thickness(mm) Limit deviation(mm) Nominal Wall Thickness(mm) Limit deviation(mm)
16 +0.3 1.8 +0.3 1.8 +0.5
20 +0.3 1.9 +0.3 2.3 +0.5
25 +0.3 2.3 +0.4 2.8 +0.6
32 +0.3 2.9 +0.4 3.6 +0.7
40 +0.4 3.7 +0.5 4.5 +0.8
50 +0.5 4.6 +0.7 5.6 +0.9
63 +0.6 5.8 +0.8 7.1 +1.0

Features of PEX pipe system
1. PEX pipe systems are non-toxic, leave no taste in the water, and are both hygienic and non-corrosive, ensuring there is no breeding of bacteria to contaminate the water quality. The inner wall is smooth, and it has no blocking flow, ensuring hygiene standards are fully compliant with GB/T17219 - 1998 standards.

2. The PEX pipe system has an excellent temperature and pressure resistance, with a safe working temperature range of -70℃ to 110℃, and a bursting pressure of 60kg/cm2.

3. The thermal conductivity of PEX pipe system reaches up to 0.45w/m.k, making it especially suitable for floor heating pipe as well as hot and cold water supply pipes.

4. PEX pipe systems feature a great heat insulation performance, carrying out heat conduction without scaling and cold conduction with no frost.

5. These pipes feature a great creep resistance and aging resistance, with a service life of more than 50 years and the ability to perfectly match its building location.

6. PEX pipe systems bend easily and are not brittle. This means they can be connected to various pipe fittings and feature a strong pressure resistance that is safe and reliable.

7. PEX pipe systems are resistant to chemical corrosion and ring stress cracking, making them a great choice for petroleum, chemical and gas pipe usage.

Physical performance index of PEX pipe system
item unit Technical index
Density g/cm3 ≥0.94
Crosslinking degree % ≥65
vicat softening point 133
Thermal conductivity w/m.k 0.4
Longitudinal reversion % ≤3.0
Heat resistant oxidation life year >50
Hydraulic resistance Short-term 20℃ ring stress 12Mpa, 1h, n

o rupture, no leakage
95℃ ring stress 4.8Mpa, 1h, no rupture, no leakage
Long-term 95℃ ring stress 4.6Mpa, 165h, no rupture, no leakage
95℃ ring stress 4.4Mpa, 1000h, no rupture, no leakage
110℃ ring stress 2.5Mpa, 8760h, no rupture, no leakage

Product introduction
Palconn crosslinked polyethylene PE-Xb pipes use a high density polyethylene and international, high-quality crosslinking agent as the raw material and utilize a chemical cross-linking process to form a covalent bond in polyethylene molecular chain, which gives the molecules their 3D form, excellent temperature and pressure resistance, as well as other attractive physical properties. This pipe especially is most often used as a ground heating system.

The quality is 100 percent
Before leaving the factory, each coil must pass a strict quality inspection, which ensures only defect free products will be sent to our customers.

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