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PP Super Soundproof Drainage Pipes & Fittings

Each pipe and fitting is lightweight, non-toxic, flame resistant, corrosion resistant, aging resistant and features an outstanding performance.
1. Outstanding soundproof performance: By adding special soundproofing material to absorb sound waves and prevent sound from spreading, the noise reduction is greater than that of a cast iron or UPVC drainage pipe.
2. Corrosion resistance: The inner tube can resist acid up to a pH of 2, and resist alkalis up to a pH of 12.
3. High temperature resistance: These pipes can withstand 95°C temperatures.

Palconn three layer PP soundproof drainage pipes and fittings are a new, silent construction plumbing system designed and developed by Palconn using international, advanced technology.

Noise Comparison between Pipes
Pipe Name (110 pipe) PVC-U Cast Iron Pipe Super soundproof pipe
Material PVC Cast iron Special sound absorbing material
Density(g/ cm²) 1.4 7.8 1.3-1.9
Pipe thickness(mm) 3.2 5.5 4.5
Noise level(Db) 37 25 17
Technical Parameters of PP Super Soundproof Drainage Pipes & Fittings
Size(mm) Outside diameter x wall thickness PALCONN Code Color
50*3.2 PAL-PP50 Blue/White
75*3.8 PAL-PP75 Blue/White
110*4.5 PAL-PP110 Blue/White
160*5.0 PAL-PP160 Blue/White

Application of PP Super Soundproof Drainage Pipes & Fittings
PP super soundproof drainage pipes & fittings can be used to drainage system of: office building, hospital, hotel, residential district, villa, embassy building, hot spring drainage water, etc.

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