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EVOH Composite Pipe System

Applications of EVOH composite pipe system
EVOH composite pipe systems are widely used in heating and hot water systems.

DIN 4726 Test
Provide condition 40°C
Humidity of outer space -65% inner space- 100%,
Pipe size OD20mm
Average thickness of EVOH layer 188μ M
DIN standard <0.1g/m³/day
Palconn pipe texting result = 0.003g/m³/day

Features of EVOH composite pipe system
1. Palconn barrier oxygen pipe is a one-time, five layer co extrusion forming composite pipe.

2. The pipe material and the oxygen barrier layer are bonded using imported adhesive bonding material in a layer that will never be removed.

3. The Palconn five layer co extrusion oxygen barrier pipe uses EVOH oxygen barrier material imported from Japan, effectively preventing oxygen permeation.

4. The oxygen barrier layer is located in the middle of the pipe, ensuring the EVOH layer is not damaged.

5. These co-extrusion EVOH oxygen barrier pipes feature a construction process that has no need to pull the EVOH off the pipe, as it can be directly used to melt onto the connection. This ensures the ease of construction and guarantees the quality of the hot melt.

Palconn EVOH composite PE-RT, PE-X, PB impervious oxygen pipes are produced using plastic pipes and a polymer oxygen barrier material EVOH (ethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymer) to make the impervious oxygen pipe. This pipe effectively prevents oxygen from entering the air duct system, and metal parts in the system are protected against corrosion as well as the growth of bacteria and algae, thus ensuring the water inside the system is clean and safe.

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