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Cylinder Drip Irrigation Pipe

Technical Parameters of Cylinder Drip Irrigation Pipe
Diameter: 12,16mm
Wall Thickness: 0.6-1.2mm
Dripper Space: 200-2000mm
Pressure: 0.6-6 bar
Water Flow: 2.0L,3.0L,4.0L/H
Roll Length: 500m,600m,800m,1000m

1. Drip irrigation pipes save water and fertilizer, improving the efficiency of irrigation and reducing plant operation costs.
2. The pipe controls the temperature and humidity of the ground around it, preventing the soil from hardening.
3. Decrease damage caused by insects
4. Increase productivity

1. Cylinder drippers are inserted into PE pipes, allowing them to irrigate a vast area while still keeping liquid volumes low.
2. Different wall thicknesses, dripping spaces, and flow rates are available.
3. Two different dripper kinds are available: pressure compensated and non-pressure compensated
4. UV resistance prevents an abundance of moisture from forming in the air, and thus, controls the appearance of harmful insects in a specific location.

Application of Cylinder Drip Irrigation Pipe
Apples trees, peach trees and other fruit trees
Greenhouse: cucumber, strawberry, tomato, watermelon,
Land cultivation: tobacco, ginseng, pepper, watermelon
Cultivation with nursing solution

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