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PVC Pipe

Applications of PVC pipe
PVC drainage pipes are widely used in both interior and exterior drainage systems, underground drainage, industrial sewage, ventilation pipes and other systems.

Product specification
nominal outside diameter Allowable deviation of average external diameter wall thickness
Minimum wall thickness Allowable difference
50 +0.2 2.0 +0.4
75 +0.3 2.3 +0.4
110 +0.3 3.2 +0.6
160 +0.4 4.0 +0.6
200 +0.5 4.9 +0.7
250 +0.6 6.2 +0.8
315 +0.6 7.7 +0.8

Product features
1. PVC pipes feature excellent physical and chemical properties, including a great corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance and high impact resistance, making them an ideal choice for building drainage and sewage systems.

2. The production materials use high quality raw materials sourced from both at home and abroad, and effectively prevent ultraviolet degradation, aging and chemical corrosion, all while ensuring a great thermal stability in order to improve the overall service life.

3. The pipe fittings have smooth inner and outer walls with small friction coefficient, and feature an excellent corrosion resistance with no scaling. The low fluid resistance also improves the fluid delivery efficiency.

4. The pipe fittings are light and durable, making them easy to transport, install and maintain, which in turn improves project speed and reduces construction costs.

5. Complete products, reasonable design, compact structure and an excellent connection meet full requirements of different designs and construction applications.

6. The pipes are most often white and smooth, in order to offer a clean, relaxed atmosphere when left exposed inside buildings.

The building drainage vinyl chloride (PVC-U) pipe uses polyvinyl chloride resin as the main material, with the addition of high performance processing additives. It is a plastic product produced using either high speed extrusion or injection molding, and when compared to a traditional pipe, is lighter weight, and features an outstanding corrosion resistance, water resistance, energy saving performance, quick installation and low costs. PVC-U drainage pipe fittings produced by Shandong Palconn Plastic Technology Co. Ltd. utilize both domestic and international high quality raw materials with scientific ratios, and use the most advanced equipment for extrusion production to ensure product performance meets national and industrial standards, as well as domestic advanced level requirements.

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