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Raw Materials

Palconn utilizes 100%, high quality imported raw materials in order to ensure the quality of the finished pipe from beginning to end. Our raw material suppliers include Borealis, Lyondellbasell, Mitsui Chemicals, Kuraray, Constab, Dow, Hyundai, Hyosong, LG, SK and others.


Palconn ensures an output of 18,000 tons, due to our advanced, high speed pipe extrusion production lines. The entire production line operates synchronously using a Siemens PLC control system and is equipped with a precise loss in weigh feed feeder. The amount to extrude can be controlled simply by setting the parameters in order to ensure the constant weight for each meter, a uniform all thickness, and a precise size. In addition, every production line is equipped with advanced, online detection instruments to ensure the quality of all finished pipes, as well as the production efficiency.

  • Extrusion workshop
  • Injection workshop
  • Extruding
  • Vacuum sizing
  • Cutting
  • Coiling
  • Lab
  • Warehouse

Raw Material Detection --- Online Detection --- Laboratory Detection --- Detection Before Shipment
In our factory, we carry out a policy of zero defect quality management. Strict quality control is carried out during the entire process, from the procurement of raw materials to product delivery. Before being put into production, raw materials undergo a detection process by the quality control department, in order to ensure each material will meet production demands. In addition to online precision instruments, we also carry out sampling tests every 15 minutes and record the results in order to control the pipe precision.

On the pipe surface, there must be a clear logo, a production batch, date, standards, parameters and other information that can quickly track the product quality. All test results must meet ISO9001 standards and will be recorded. This is all part of our complete quality management system to ensure reliable, efficient, and cost effective piping systems.

  • Raw material testing
  • Online testing
  • Lab Testing
  • Preshipment Inspection

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